Donors and Deadbeats

Deadbeats: and Shooter’s Outpost

Donors: people like Jose from California, Jason and Fred from Indiana, Tom from NY, Buddy from Nevada, and D. from Keene, NH, is proud to donate an additional $450 and 2,000 rounds of .22LR to Camp Fatima, a non-profit summer camp with hundreds of boys in their rifle program. These donations were made possible by thoughtful individuals from NH and around the country who purchased ammunition from recently.

“I’ll have you in handcuffs!” (for holding an ammo charity auction)

Paying above market prices for cookies to support the Girl Scouts? Perfectly acceptable.

Paying 10x the market value for a piece of art at a charity auction? Perfectly acceptable.

Paying 1.5x to 3x retail cost for ammo to support youth shooting programs? SCAM!

This is the mentality of the people who cannot grasp what is doing. They would gladly pay $3 for a cupcake at a bake sale to support a kid’s soccer league, but the idea of paying above retail prices for ammunition to support youth shooting programs is UNTHINKABLE!





As stated before, attempted in good faith to contact the owner and the moderators of Northeastshooters to generate interest in a charity drive for youth shooting programs. was scoffed at and ignored. The same good faith effort was made with Jim, the owner of Shooter’s Outpost. was scoffed at and banned. Sadly, the people who are in the best positions to raise money for youth shooting organizations are the ones doing the least about it.

Now, on a different note, it’s no secret that Shooter’s Outhouse is known for grilling customers about reselling ammo, parts, and firearms. Several people told how they were interrogated about selling items online that were originally purchased at Shooter’s. In particular, one young woman described how her boyfriend was questioned and “banned” for the alleged legal resale of AR uppers and lowers that were originally purchased there.

Shooter’s unwritten policy is this: if you attempt to sell any item online that you purchased there, whether it’s to make a profit, sell a gun you weren’t happy with, raise money for charity, or any reason, you run the risk of being banned. Below are just a few random comments regarding Shooter’s that people have relayed to

“The store is trendy. I don’t shop there.”

“Good for you. Jim is a dick!”

“It’s your right to sell something no matter where you originally bought it”

“It’s your right to charge whatever you want.”

“It’s a good thing you’re doing, raising money for these non-profits.”

“Jim should mind his own business and concentrate on running his business.”

On another note, the massive spike in new gun sales has led to an equally large spike in used gun sales. Thanks to, the legal person-to-person sale of used firearms has absolutely skyrocketed… and what’s wrong with that? Everyday neighbors meet neighbors, and local gun enthusiasts meet other gun enthusiasts in the course of buying and selling used guns. If you purchase a firearm and decide you don’t like it or simply want a different one, it’s your right to legally resell it. knows of only one gun store that shows such contempt for the legal resale of guns, parts, and ammo and it’s the same one that said “I’ll have you in handcuffs!” yesterday.

22ammodotnettraffic would like to thank and Shooter’s Outhouse for their cooperation in getting the word out about the shortages of cash and ammo faced by youth shooting programs. The free website traffic and interest generated in supporting youth shooting programs is all we ever asked for to begin with. As stated previously, if you have any doubts about the sincerity and honesty of, feel free to either a) contact our references or b) donate cash or ammo directly to your local youth shooting program.

Open letter to, Shooter’s Outpost, and others


To all the nincompoops from who can’t find the homepage, click here. has donated well over $1,000 in cash and ammunition to non-profit youth shooting organizations. and Shooters Outpost have started a bizarre smear campaign against and it’s efforts at raising money for these organizations. Before you call someone a scammer, check their references:


Recently, made good-faith efforts to contact Derek, the owner of the popular message board and explain how we buy, sell, trade, auction, and donate ammunition with 100% of the profit going to non-profit youth organizations. These efforts to contact Northeastshooters were ignored. Instead of checking’s references and helping spread the word about the need for more donations to youth shooting programs, was banned from posting messages on

If you’ve spent any time on internet message boards you know that loudmouths, critics, and rumors tend to dominate these boards. Northeastshooters is no different. When it comes to the internet, any charity effort that is related to firearms, ammunition, or shooting sports is immediately dismissed as “scam”. Until websites like get their act together, will find other websites to partner with and simply continue cutting checks to youth shooting programs.



northeastshooters achieves vendor status on proudly supports, the free online marketplace for firearms, ammunition, and accessories. Armslist is a quick efficient, marketplace without all the headaches that come with 1990′s style websites like and


armslist 22 ammo donates $239 to Camp Mi-Te-Na

The ammunition shortage is hitting youth shooting programs hard. These organizations should not have to overpay and/or cut back on services. is leading the charge in donating cash and ammunition to youth programs! $239 is the retail cost of 5,250 rounds of .22LR ammo that Camp Mi-Te-Na was able to purchase recently. is proud to defray the cost involved in teaching boys and girls respect for firearms and sparking their interest in shooting sports!


Ammo For Sale

Thank you WalMart! Instead of buying 22 ammo at WalMart and then selling it online for profit like some people do, likes to beat the hoarders and price speculators at their own game. To help accomplish this, is actively selling 1,000+ round packages of .22 ammo to the public with ALL PROFIT going directly to 501(c)3 charity organizations that offer youth shooting programs.

The minimum bid for 1,000+ rounds is $99. The only offer accepted thus far was $140 from an out of state individual who was happy to donate to a good cause. realizes a lot of people are not in the position to donate heavily to charity, but only the most generous offers can be accepted at this time. Click this link to view our .22LR ammo for sale and other items for sale. To make an offer or for more information, click here.


Riley’s Guns helps donate 5,250 rounds of .22LR!

Thanks to the generous folks at  Riley’s Guns of Hooksett, New Hampshire, was able to purchase 5,250 rounds of .22LR for a non-profit kid’s summer camp, using donations collected at this weekend’s gun show. Riley’s had already set aside over 10,000 rounds for other youth shooting organizations such as the Boy Scouts of America, but graciously sold a case to to be picked up by Michael Drumm, the director of Camp Fatima. Over 600 boys participate in the youth rifle program at Camp Fatima and this is a major step in ensuring there is enough ammo for their program!

22 ammo

Gun Show Car Crash Doubles Donations

A car accident in front of Everett Arena in Concord, NH on Sunday, April 14 led to huge traffic backups and increased donations from passing motorists. was encouraged by the number of donations in the $5 to $15 range, which mostly came from young men ages 16 to 25. Thanks to everyone who gave generously this weekend. Several kids summer camps and youth shooting programs are going to benefit from the cash and ammunition you donated!


ammo donations