Aguila 22 Short

Our Reveiw has not yet tested this round. We found the following manufacturer information.

Aguila ammo is made in Mexico by a company TECNOS Ammunition. Aguila is a well known brand in the ammunition world for its high standards and high quality ammunition for both the centerfire calibers as well as their famous rimfire line that includes Aguila 22 Long Rifle ammo. All Aguila ammunition is made out of high quality brand new brass casings, and it is non corrosive.
Note: Other info we found indicates that the brand is manufactured in Texas which conflicts with the above.

Manufacturer – Aguila Ammo
Caliber – 22 Short Ammo
Bullet Type – Plated Lead Round Nose
Muzzle Velocity – 1095 fps
Muzzle Energy – 77 ft. lbs.
Primer – Boxer
Casing – Brass
Ammo Rating – Small Game & Varmints

22 ammo

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Aguila 22 short vs 2x4 - will it go through?

Poboyspecial found some Aguila 22 short and wanted to know if this little thing could go through a standard pine 2x4. There is only one poboy way to find out.

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