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CCI 22 Short HP

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9.76 May 4, 2018

The 22 short ammo from cci is a great round for target shooting and the hollow point makes it very suitable for small game hunting. In our test we found it to be very comparable to the cci quiet cb round in noise. but with more punch and accuracy at a longer range. As with cb this round would not cycle in our semi-auto rifle. Most of the retailers do carry this round. However it’s rarely in stock at any.


Caliber Bullet Gr Bullet Type Box count
22 27 cphp 100

Muzzle velocity 50 yds 75 yds 100 yds
1105 961 911 868

Energy Ft Pnds

muzzle 50 yds 75 yds 100 yds
73 55 50 45

Trajectory sighted at 50 yds

25 yds 50 yds 75 yds 100 yds
0.3 0.0 -2.6 -17.9


22 ammo

Firing CCI Quiet-LR 22 LR vs. CCI 22 Short ammo thru my Henry H001

Here is a quick video on the difference between CCI 22-Quiet 22 LR against CCI 22 Short ammo. These new rounds are very quiet.

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