CCI Maxi Mag .22 Magnum / WMR 40 gr solid point – 1000 Rounds

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24 cents per round

As you may know the popular CCI brand .22 ammo is a little more scarce than some other brands and the CCI Maxi Mag is even more hard to come by than the Mini mag round.

We were able to find a good supply of this one in bulk at Sportsmans Guide today and will update as we find more for sale at other retailers.

Caliber.22 mag
Bullet weight40 grain
Muzzle Velocity1875
Bullet Typesolid

22 ammo

CCI 22 Maxi-mag (FMJ) vs car door - ballistics penetration ammo test

Poboyspecial got a request from a viewer to see if the 22 magnum full metal jacket (FMJ) would penetrate a complete car door. We found the CCI max-mag and ...

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