22 lr22 rimfire Ammo

CCI AR Tactical 22 LR – 40 Grain CPRN – 300 Rounds

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Looks like CCI has jumped into the AR-15 ammo market and introduced yet another winner in .22 ammo. with the CCI Ar Tactical .22lr round. If you’re wondering what the difference is in this round and the regular cci Mini-mag 22lr, I can tell you that one difference is the shape of the bullet. The CCI Ar tactical round has a more rounded nose for improved accuracy.

We searched reviews extensively on this one, and we were hard pressed to find anything negative. However as with all CCI 22 ammo it was not easy to find it in stock at online retailers. but we did find it at a few.

bullet weight40 grain
bullet typecprn
muzzle velocity1200 fps
quantity300 rounds

22 ammo

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Ammo Review: CCI AR Tactical .22

Well made, feeds, fires, extracts reliably. A bit more expensive than most bulk ammo but probably worth it. Thanks for watching. Rate Comment Subscribe.

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