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Aguila Interceptor 22lr – 40 Grain

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We’ve tested most Aguila .22 ammo and found it to be very comparable to the CCI brand. However, Aguila seems much more available on the market. If you’ve tried to find a box of the hotter load 22lr ammo such as Stingers lately, you know it’s next to impossible to find them in stock. And the other comparable load, Velocitors aren’t much easier.

It’s a heavier bullet at 40 grain and beat cci velocitor in our test. You may know that I’m a CCI fan, but I personally, like this Aguila Interceptor 22 round better. And they’re a little easier to find in stock.

bullet weight40 grain
bullet typecopper plated round nose
velocity1470 fps
quantity50 per box

22 ammo

Aguila Interceptor vs CCI Velocitor .22 LR

Checking for damage on several test mediums using my Ruger 10/22. The results where surprising!

22lr gel test: Aguila 40gr Interceptor

Aguila 40gr Interceptor fired from both a Ruger 10/22 (16" bbl) and a Walther P-22 through four layers of denim and bare gel. Bare gelatin numbers were nearly ...

AMMUNITION REVIEW: Aguila 22 Interceptor.

In this video I test out the Aguila Interceptor and see how is stands up against other common 22 rounds.

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