About 22 Ammo


22 Ammo dot net was started in April, 2013 with several missions in mind:


  • to raise awareness of the current ammunition shortage, particularly .22LR,  which affects millions of Americans
  • to get as much ammo as possible out of the hands of speculators and hoarders and into more deserving hands
  • to promote responsible gun ownership and shooting sports in general


This author recently met a boys summer camp director while shopping for .22LR at a local sporting goods store. The director was standing in the checkout line with three boxes of 50 rounds, which was the limit allowed by the store. This author asked the gentleman why he ignored desirable 9mm and desirable .223 Remington ammunition in favor of .22LR. The camp director explained that he was seeking to buy 40,000 rounds for the kids and teenagers in his youth shooting program, but had only been able to source 15,000 rounds due to the extreme retail and online shortages of .22LR.

This author had 1,000 rounds of Winchester M-22 ammo in the trunk of his car and decided to sell it on the spot to the camp director for a reasonable price. At that point an idea was born: to bring some sanity to the ammo shortage and to find a way to make sure reasonably priced .22LR ammunition gets to the people and organizations who deserve it the most: kids summer camps and youth shooting programs.

22 Ammo dot net aims to become a different kind of gun website. Not a blog with rehashed news, not a message board with opinions and arguments, and not an overly political, overly religious forum. Instead, 22 Ammo dot net seeks to promote responsible gun ownership and to help bring some sanity to the firearms world and the current ammunition craze.

Please consider helping 22 Ammo supply kids summer camps and  youth shooting programs with reasonably priced .22LR ammunition. The current ammo craze and shortage is being amplified by fear, hoarders, and speculators who buy up and then sell ammunition at wildly inflated prices. It’s high time to reverse that trend and ensure that deserving organizations (kids camps and youth shooting programs in particular) have access to a sufficient supply of ammunition at non-inflated prices.