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Current deals:

* 3,000 rounds of .22LR (8/325 pack Federal Auto Match, 4/100 pack Mini Mag HP) – $400

* 1,000 rounds of Federal XM193 5.56 – $490

* 800 rounds of Privi Partizan M193 5.56 – $390

* 1,000 rounds of 115gr 9mm FMJ (brass case, manufacturers like Win, Rem, and Federal) – $390

* 1,000 rounds of Blazer Brass 230gr FMJ .45ACP – $450

* 1,000 rounds of Blazer Aluminum 230gr FMJ .45ACP – $425

* 500 rounds of Federal 158gr semi wadcutter hollowpoint .38 Special +P – $230

* 200 rounds of Federal XM80 7.52×51 Nato FMJ + 200 rounds of Federal XM62 7.62×51 Nato FMJ-Tracer – $350

* 150 rounds of Privi Partizan 8mm Mauser 198gr FMJ – $120


Buyer pays exact UPS charges. Payment by USPS money order only! Email Michael at


100% of the profits of ammunition sales goes to youth shooting program and summer camps in the form of cash and .22LR ammo!


  • buys reasonably priced bulk .22LR ammunition and actively distributes it to those who deserve it most: kids summer camps and youth shooting programs. Please contact if you are willing to donate or sell some at a reasonable cost.


  • sells premium .22LR ammunition packages and other calibers of ammo to the general public for charity.


  • does not believe in hoarding ammo or selling ammo at inflated prices for profit.


If you are the director/buyer for a kids camp, youth shooting program, or similar organization, please include your website, points or contact, and a statement of how much ammo you need of and when.

If you are a seller of .22LR ammo (or looking to donate), please include your location (city/state), description and quantity info, and the price per round you are offering.

Email Michael at